Grease Light And UV Filtration


The Acme Facilities Group - Canopy

Baffle Filters

Baffle filters are a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of spreading flames to the cooking surface below if a fire breaks out.


They work by forcing grease-saturated air to quickly and repeatedly change direction as it rises through the filter, ultimately condensing the grease to the metal blades and draining into the filter tray.


All filters are manufactured from stainless steel and provided with grips for easy removal and installation.


Canopy Lighting

All of our canopy lights are steam and heat proof and meet current DW172 and HSE guidelines, making them approved for use in Commercial Kitchens and are ideal in humid, hot and greasy environments.


UV Filtration

As well as canopy lighting we also produce UV filtration systems, these systems reduce the need for duct-work cleaning and are more efficient than average filtration methods.


Our UV filtration systems are designed to reduce grease build up and common odours by using UV light in order to break down organic material that often plague commercial canopies.

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